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Dear Customer,

if you are NON EU resident you can use our TAX FREE formula that give you back immediately the VAT included in our prieces.

Tax Free can be used only for order with minimum amount of 154,95 € (vat included) as per our Italian Laws.

The VAT we remove  for TAXFREE is 10.30% on your order comparared to the 21% VAT added.

We remember you that TAXFREE if valid only for NON EUROPEAN countries and also only for shipment outside Europe (EU). So for example if you buy from USA for delivery in France you have to pay VAT. If you buy from USA for USA delivery you don't have to pay VAT.

To use TAXFREE is very easy. On the Chart you have to Click on the TaxFree  and authomatically the system will decrease you 10.30% VAT on your order value.



When you use TaxFree the shipment will be done with the same value of the order. And on delivery you have to pay your duties and taxes and any other import cost your country custom have.

Today is not possible offer you D.D.P. shipment, we are working to offer 5 starts serveice (that will include all) but not yet arrived.

For any  more question about TAXFREE please write to info@fashionqueen.net


If you forgot to use Tax Free into your order you can easy ask to be refund by us before the order is shipped out. Only send an email to resi@fashionqueen.net and we will charge back the Tax Free Value on your Credit Card.