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How do I find an item on FashionQueen.net?
You can search for an item by category (woman/man/brand or price range), by clicking on the link on the homepage or typing the name of the item you wish to search for into the Search box.

Starting from the Homepage, you have three options:
• if you want to find exactly what yo're looking for, use the SEARCH box, by typing one or more terms relating to the item that yo're looking for (ex. "fendi bag");
• if you wish to discover what FashionQueen.net has to offer, select a brand name or category from the list MAN/NAME/BRANDS;
• if you wish to base your search on a price range, select the minimum and maximum prices in the SELECT box;



How do I view the size of the product?

The Italian size is displayed alongside each product, or where the Italian size is not available, the nationality of the size will be indicated (for example American M, L;); for particular items like Lacoste or Moncler after the description you can click on the Size Guide that will help you to find the correct size for you. For any dubt you can always write to personalbuyer@fashionqueen.net that will assist you.



How can I purchase a product?
Purchasing a product can be quick and simple. You do not need to register or provide your details before you purchase. Search for the item that you have in mind using the search criteria as laid out in the home page. Once you have found what you are looking for, click on the product of your choice.

Each product is described in detail in a section which contains photos and a brief description. Once you have chosen between the items on offer, you can add it to your cart by clicking ADD TO CART.

In the event that you decide to proceed with the order, click on ORDER and on CART, you will be presented once again with the contents of your carts so that you can confirm the chosen products. On this page you can vary the amount of products chosen, get rid of products which you don't want and opt for gift wrapping. By clicking on PROCEED TO PURCHASE the system checks that all the products selected are in stock; otherwise you will be presented once again with the cart, with the missing items highlighted. If all the products are available, you will be asked to sign in if you have not already done so; and will be redirected to the page which summarises your details.

In the payment page you can opt for the garments to be sent to an address other than your own, as well as selecting the payment type and credit card type, where applicable.

By clicking on CONFIRM you can complete your order. If you have chosen to pay using a credit card you will be redirected to the Credit Card page where you will be asked to fill out your card details. FashionQueen.net DOES NOT record your card details. The details relating to your order will be forwarded to FashionQueen.net and you will receive confirmation that your order has been successfully completed.

Is there a limit to the amount of items that I may purchase?
FashionQueen.net has chosen to deal directly and exclusively with the final consumer. If you are a shop-owner or an intermediary, refrain from ordering, as your order will be blocked. FashionQueen.net allows you to purchase up to 7 items per order.

How can I send a gift?
It is fun and simple to send a gift. In the receiver field, enter the details of the receiver of the gift. Also click on the “Gift Wrap” option (Cost 7.00 Euro) and in this way we will know that it is a gift. You can also include a message that can be enclosed in the package; if you don't leave a message, the package will arrive anonymously.

Remember: by choosing the gift option, the price of the product which you have chosen will not be visible to the consumer, and nor will the invoice details which will be sent to you by post.

Is it possible to have the order arrive giftwrapped?
Yes. Choose the gift wrap option on the cart page. You can choose to gift wrap any order, even if the package is being sent to your own address. Your order will then arrive not only in the Fashionqueen.net box but also packaged in beautiful gift wrapping.

Can I send a gift to someone who doesn't have an e-mail address?

If the receiver does not have an e-mail address you simply have to notify them yourself, if you wish, that the package is arriving. Your message will be included in the package anyhow.

Is it possible to place an order from a country other than that where the package will arrive?

Can I send a gift to another country?
Yes, as long as it's within the European Union.

I saw an item yesterday, but today it's no longer there. What happened?
Remember that each month there may be a whole number of people shopping on our site, and someone may be quicker than you. If it's no longer there it means that it has been bought by someone else. Keep visiting our site anyway though, there are always new arrivals.

When is the purchase process complete?
The purchase process is complete when you click on the CONFIRM button. The success or rejection of your order will be instantly communicated to you via FashionQueen.net.

If you leave the cart open with various items inside and do not quickly confirm the order, it could happen that somebody else may purchase the items.

Subsequently you will receive an e-mail confirming your order with a summary of the details relating to your order.



When does the payment take place?
On FasionQueen.net you can pay only with Credit Card or Debit Card.

FasionQueen.net accepts: Visa, Visa ELECTRON, MasterCard.
Visa ELECTRON requires authorisation from the issuing bank for online use.

If you wish to pay using a prepaid or disposable card remember not to throw it away after the purchase. It might be required for a reimbursement if necessary.

How can I be sure that my credit card details are protected?
Your details are not retained by FashionQueen.net. The payment is managed directly by the Credit Card Secure Server, thus guaranteeing the security of the transaction. We use one the Italian primary bank : Monte dei Paschi di Siena S.p.a.

Can I pay by cash on delivery?
No. We don't accept Cash on Delivery payment.

When will I be charged for my order?
For orders placed with a credit/debit card, you will be charged when you complete the transaction.
You will only be charged the amount relating to the products sent.

Can I have the invoice for my order?
Yes, when your details are entered into the Destination page, you will be asked for the information for the invoice. Fill this out and your invoice will be included in the package.

Do I have to pay VAT on my order?
The VAT is already included in the price that you see on all the pages on the site and in the cart. Being a service which sells to private persons within the community, VAT is always applicable. Remember taht FashionQueen.net don't sell wholesaler so we can never take off the VAT even if you have an European VAT number. The EEC laws impose that you have to pay for normal consumer items.



When will I receive my order?

From once you have placed your order, the delivery time is quite quickly.
We send the items out from 3 to 20 working days from your order date. The forwarder used to ship in EEC is GLS (www.gls-europe.com) and the forwarder used to ship out EEC is Fedex (www.Fedex.com). Delivery term depend from your location. Could be from 1 days to 1 week and we suggest to check on the forwarder web pages for more information or to contact info@fashionqueen.net.

Remember that delivery times may be subject to delays in the case of holidays (local and national) and that any delays on the part of the carrier are not attributable to FasionQueen.net.

WARNING:  For return is FashionQueen that decide wich forwarder you have to use. So in case of return contact our staff to have more details.
What countries will you deliver to?
The whole European Economic Community, including the islands. For details on specific places or needs and as regards territories outside of the European Union contact client assistance (postmaster@fashionqueen.net). Out of EEC we delivery in USA, South America, Asian countries and Australia. For more details we suggest to contact us.

How do I trace my order?
It's very simple.
The moment the package is sent we will send you an Email with the tracking number as well as details regarding which specific carrier we have used (GLS or Fedex).
You can then simply log on to their website (
www.gls-europe.com and  www.fedex.com ), enter your tracking number in the appropriate box and click on the “SEARCH” button to find out about your delivery.
What is the Tracking number?
It is the reference number that the courier allocates to your delivery and is used to identify and search for your deliveries while in transit, up to the point of delivery.
What happens if nobody is at home when the delivery arrives?
The courier delivers from Monday to Friday during office hours and cannot make fixed appointments. If you require a Saturday morning delivery you must make a request to customer assistance.
This service has a supplementary fee.
The courier will continue to try to deliver for two consecutive working days, leaving a notice each time, which will provide you with a lo-call number on which to contact the courier.
After the third attempt, the courier will hold the package in his storeroom and you will be notified by FashionQueen.net via e-mail or telephone, informing you of the new delivery arrangements. If the courier cannot get the package to you in any way, he will send it back to our store.
We advise you to provide the address of the place where you are most easily reachable.
This could also be your work address, detailing name/company/firm/office and if applicable intercom number, extension number, porter etc.

WARNING: Only request this form of delivery if you have permission to receive personal deliveries to your workplace.
WARNING: In the event that delivery is not possible and the goods are returned to FashionQueen.net, the client must pay the shipping costs again if they wish for the package to be redelivered.



The shipping costs are not fixed, but rather vary according to the method of delivery chosen and the item bought.
The cart section and the information on each product detail delivery costs.
In the case of multiple purchases, you will only pay the highest delivery cost amongst the items selected.



How can I return a product?
If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your order, you may exercise your right to withdraw within 10 working days of the date of receipt of the package. Ensure that you are in compliance with the following withdrawal conditions:
• the products must not have been used, worn, altered, washed or damaged;
• the tag must still be attached to the product with the FashionQueen.net disposable seal
• the products must be returned in their original packaging (in the case of audio CDs or books, the packaging must be still sealed; if you wish to return a kit, you must return all items that make up that kit;
• the products must be accompanied by the return sticker included in the package, filled out and signed
• the products being returned must be sent to FashionQueen.net in one single delivery. FashionQueen.net reserves the right not accept items from one single order returned and sent separately;

As long as all these conditions are satisfied, FashionQueen.net will reimburse you the entire amount paid, including the delivery costs which you paid to receive them.

Can I exchange one product for another?
If you are not satisfied with the colour, size or model of the item or the accessory purchased, you may return it and be reimbursed the cost of the product.
It is not however possible to return one item in exchange for another.

What is the tag?
All the products sold on FashionQueen.net are sold with an identity tag attached using a disposable seal.
You may try the product on without removing the tag and seal, however once these are removed the product may not be returned. Some items do not carry tags as it would be impossible to attach them (shoes, boots etc.)

How much will return shipping cost me?
Return shipping is free of charge if you use the service recommended by us. Any international return must be pre-alerted by Email at resi@fashionqueen.net that will send you all information and paperwork to process your return.

How do I go about returning the package?
Use the pre-printed adhesive sticker which you will find inside the package and stick it on the outside.
Then contact the pre-chosen courier (the details of which you will find inside the package) to arrange pick up.
Keep your copy of the sticker (Customer Receipt), you may need it to check on the delivery.
FashionQueen.net is not responsible for any damage and/or theft of your returned goods in transit.

What must I do if I lose the pre-printed adhesive sticker included in the package?
You may request a new carrier letter from the courier upon sending the return delivery.
Contact our returns service at the following email address: resi@FashionQueen.net, and they will send you an automatic e-mail with all the instructions on how to fill it out.

Can I make a return from a country other than the one from which the order was placed?
No, you may only send your return package from the country to which FashionQueen.net sent it.

What must I do if I lose the return sticker?
The return sticker can be found at the bottom of the purchase receipt.
If you lose it you must clearly write your order number and the reference number of the returned item on a sheet of paper to be enclosed in the box. Do not lose the reimbursement details.

What must I do if the original packaging is unusable?
We only accept returned goods if they are delivered in their original packaging. Therefore make sure to keep the packaging for at least ten (10) working days, which is the maximum time period within which you may return goods.

If the packaging cannot be re-used, for reasons non-attributable to you, you may use a different box of the same size and level of resistance.

Shoes that are sent only in their box without any external packaging will not be accepted, and nor will items which are damaged or missing their identity tags. We also do not accept items returned in bags.

When will I be reimbursed?
Once FashionQueen.net receives your return and checks that all requirements have been met, you will receive an e-mail to confirm the acceptance of your return.

The reimbursement period will be closed until 30 days from return confirmation. Until that date we click the Charge Back of your Credit Card. The reimbursement time depends on the credit/debit card issuers, but usually takes place within the space of two bank statements. We wish to inform you that the amount reimbursed is equal to the amount charged, thus you will not lose anything in terms of bank interest. start]


How will the item be sent?
All our items are sent in the condition you would expect to find them in at an authorised boutique. Also, many bags are delivered with the accessories and the most delicate parts protected to avoid scratches, tears or abrasions. All bags and other items will include tags, cards and any other paper they normally have in the boutique.

Do the articles contain their authenticity tags?
Obviously. Just like in a shop. And for example:

  • Gucci will come with 2 tags. One is called Controllo Card and the other one is called Care Card. Some expensive bags have also a small book (colored one) with the story of the company.

  • Fendi will come with 1 tag that have description of the item. For special leather edition a small book is included to explain how to have care about that leather. Any Fendi bag have also an Hologram inside that is the proof of autenticity.

  • Prada come with three kind of cards. One, similar to Credit Card, one that have coded and description of the item you purchase and the third one that is the Authenticity Card.

To have details for any brand contact personalbuyer@fashionqueen.net that will assist you.

My item arrived without it's dust-jacket. Why?
Not all our items have dust-jackets. The range of “cosmetics-holders”, in particular, often does not come with dust jackets. Also remember brand change many time in the year or in the season they way to box/pack the item.

Is the authenticity guaranteed?

Given our experience in the sector we guarantee 100% authenticity both because we purchase from authorised vendors and because the merchandise is checked and verified before being put on sale. FashionQueen.net buy only from Italian source and only from Authorized Dealer for each brand.

My bag arrived with a slight defect, what should I do?
We remind you, firstly, that the parent companies themselves point out in their tags within the bags that minor defects, slight abrasion and colour variation in parts are features of the quality and craftsmanship of the item. However, the client may, of course, exercise his or her right of withdrawal.


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